Under Assessment

Please do not enquire about dogs under assessment. When these dogs have been assessed and are available for adoption they will be moved to the Available pages. Priority will be given to those on our waiting list. 

Sometimes dogs that have been assessed over a minimum of 2 weeks can have issues develop after their assessment. If this happens they are then moved back here to be reassessed.

Name:  Lulu




Name:  Rascal




Name:  Ralph




Name:  Baloo




Name:  Ed



Name:  Aldo

Date of birth/age: 30/5/23

Date dog came in to rescue: January 2024

Dog/bitch: Dog

H/L PP:  Hairlesss

Colour: Black and white

Good with: dogs: ok  cats: ok   kids: ok

How long can the dog be left for:  short periods

Any known medical/health issues: No known issues

A little bit about the dog:



Name: Max

Age: 12 months



Name: Milo

 Age: 10 months


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