We are always grateful for any donation big or small. Here are some easy ways to donate.

Would you miss £2 a month?

It's very simple - just e mail us at and we will send you a standing order form. Fill it in and either scan it and e mail it back to us or pop it in the post. If you are a UK Tax payer please remember to gift aid your donation and the rescue will receive an extra 25p per pound at no extra cost to you. You will receive a welcome gift and a quarterly Newsletter. If you have a rescue dog from us and would like to send us an update and some pics, we would love to hear from you and include your stories in our Newsletter.










You will receive this specially designed key ring as a welcome gift

It's very simple - just visit to register and shop with over 2000 well known retailers like Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay and many more. Whenever I buy something, the retailer makes a donation to The Chinese Crested Club Of Great Britain Rescue. They've helped other causes raise over £2,000,000 so it really does work.





To make a donation, Simply log in to your Paypal account, select Send Money, choose personal, then gift!

The Paypal address is:

Did you know you can earn VIP reward points for the charity just by doing your normal shopping? By following these simple steps.
Log into your VIP account. Choose charity. Change your home-town to Widnes and select The Chinese Crested Club of GB Rescue.
Please let us know on here when you have done it smile emoticon Thank you.



Gift Aid It


The government allows Charities to claim tax back on charitable donations as an incentive for you to help a Charity. This tax relief is called Gift Aid. You can gift aid to help The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue by gift aiding your donation. For every £1.00 you donate the government will donate 25 p. So in affect your £1.00 turns to £1.25 that extra 25 p will feed one dog for a day. That’s how important it is to us and no extra cost to you.


Am I Able To Gift Aid?


Gift aid can only be claimed on money donated by a UK taxpaying person.


How Do I Register to Gift Aid?


All you have to do is fill in a gift aid form in the booklet or email us at it’s that simple.


Can I Claim Gift Aid On The Funds I Have Raised?


Yes to claim gift Aid on your fundraising activities we will need full contact details of your sponsors/participants (first name or initial, full postal address including post code). Please encourage everyone who can gift aid to tick the box


What Does Your Donation Cost You?


When gift aid is received from individuals, The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue can claim a massive 25p per £1 donated from HMRC. In addition if you are an individual that pays tax at 40% or 45% you can claim tax relief on donations that you make on gift aid schemes. The relief should be claimed via your self assessment tax return or if you do not complete a tax return. Write to HMRC to make a claim.


Donation Made By Businesses


Where donations are made by a partnership the donation should be allocated in the agreed way by the individual partners. Then the partners can complete a gift aid form. Again higher rate tax payers can claim tax relief. 


Tax Benefits for Companies


Companies can claim corporation tax relief of 20% for qualifying charitable donations which includes donations made to the Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue. This is available where the company is profitable.  There is no Tax for The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue to reclaim from HMRC so please give as much as you can. 



Leaving a Gift Aid in your will


Charitable gifts in wills are vital to enable us to continue our work in helping Rescue dogs. Without your kindness we couldn't do this valuable work, we need people like you to remember us with your will legacy. Here at the Rescue we pride ourselves on never putting a healthy dog to sleep. We support our valued foster carers by paying for specialist food and medical care. Please consider a gift to the charity in your will.




The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue


There are a number of different ways you can remember The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue in your will. Talk to your Solicitor, email us at or call us on 07858821957 for more information.


Important information for will writers


Our registered charity number is: 1156641 


The Rescue was Established in September 2006 and awarded charitable status in April 2014. 


We are also known as The Chinese Crested GB Rescue and CCCGBR


Our working name is The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue on the Charity commission web site.


Recycle 4 Charity 
Help Save Our Environment and Raise Money by Recycling! 

We are currently raising funds for THE CHINESE CRESTED CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN RESCUE by recycling old mobile phones, inkjet cartridges and laser/toner cartridges and your help would be greatly appreciated. 

Our organisation will receive 50% of the recycling value for any mobile phones, £1 for each original empty inkjet cartridge or up to £5 per empty laser/toner cartridge donated kindly by you, friends, family or colleagues. 

Donate Your Old Items 

To recycle your items for free and raise funds for this great cause simply click on this link  Recycle 4 THE CHINESE CRESTED CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN RESCUE. 

If you think this is a good idea and want to help promote our recycling campaign further why not forward this email to anyone you know. 

Thanks for taking the time to help us and the environment, your support is always appreciated. 

Registered Charity No 1156641



We are a small rescue and rely solely on the generosity of the public, so please support us!
Or alternatively you can support us with your time, we are always in need of passionate foster homes, people who can help with transport and more. See our want to help page for further information.

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