Is A Chinese Crested Dog The Dog For Me?




Striking, fun, unusual. They might be three words that originally come to mind when you think of the Chinese Crested Dog.  And they certainly are all of those things, along with intelligent, loyal and mischievous.


But why are we seeing year on year a huge increase in the Chinese Crested Dogs that are coming into Rescue?  Well I can tell you the top reasons why they come into Rescue - 1. Dog howls when left alone, 2. Dog isn’t housetrained, 3. Dog isn’t getting along with child 4. Owner has died or gone into nursing home 5. Marriage break up 6. Moving house.


As you can see the first three reasons are behaviour based. Chinese Crested Dogs are people centric dogs, they like to be with their person and many will develop issues including howling when left on their own for long periods. This is why the Rescues policy is not to rehome to full time workers.


Like many of the toy breeds Chinese Crested Dogs can be notoriously difficult to housetrain. You may think you’ve cracked it and then a wet, windy day will come and they will just refuse to do their business in the garden.  Housetraining can be a long arduous business with a Chinese Crested Dog that requires lots of patience and an acceptance of sometimes going one step forward and two steps back. Seemingly simple changes in circumstances can also put them back.


Chinese Crested Dogs need to be socialised appropriately with children from a young age and as such we will only rehome known child friendly dogs to people with children. Children must be taught to respect the dog as with any breed of dog. The Chinese Crested Dog is not fragile but some do have smaller bones and all deserve not be pulled about or used as a plaything by children, this will make them fearful of children and when they feel there is no other option that is when they may snap.


Chinese Crested Dogs are notorious escape artists, they will find a way out for no other reason than they just can. The rescue requires that you have a secure garden with a minimum of a 5 foot fence all the way around in order to adopt a Chinese Crested Dog from us.  Flighty and nervous can be applied to many of the breed. They are a breed that requires careful but steady handling in showing them the way. If ever a breed was going to freak because they have seen a woman wearing a yellow rain hat it will be a Chinese Crested Dog.  Aloof with strangers a Chinese Crested Dog prefers to be ignored so that he can approach the stranger in their own time. They especially don’t like being loomed over or cornered.


Of course all of what I have written are the bad points of the breed, they are also loving, attentive, loyal, intelligent and adorable clowns most of the time. But you have to take the rough with the smooth so you really need to think. Is a Chinese Crested Dog for me?




General Care


Hairless dogs don’t need a repertoire of lotions and potions. Dependent on their skin and condition a simple product could be the answer to your problem, please email us for further info.


Hairless dogs don’t need to be dressed up and carried around. In winter a simple fleece or coat will suffice when on walks.  In summer, Cresteds love to laze in the sun; their time in the sun should be limited and monitored. Cresteds should only require sun tan lotion if exposed for long periods of time or they are particularly prone to burning (ie pink or pale skinned). Owners should be vigilant and supervise their dogs time in the sun.


Hairless dogs come in a wide range of hairlessness from the true hairless with just a patch of hair on top of the head, tail and feet to increasing body hair possibly right up to a fine layer covering almost all of the body. Clipping the body hair off to retain the breed look is down to individual owners preference.




Powderpuffs have a double coat which does matt and requires regular thorough grooming. It is possible to have the dog clipped at the groomers which would cost between £20-£40 or keep it short yourself. Even clipped it is important to keep an eye on matt problem areas like the groin, backside and armpits. 

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