Permanent Foster

Sometimes dogs come to us with issues that can not be fixed and remain permanent fosters. These dogs remain under the charity care to live out their lives with full rescue support and back up.

Name:  Bramble

Date of birth/age: 13 yrs old

Date dog came in to rescue: May 2019

Dog/bitch: Bitch

H/L PP:  Hairless

Colour: Slate/ white



Bramble will remain a permanent foster under our care due to age and health issues.


Name:  Ollie

Date of birth/age: 11 yrs old

Date dog came in to rescue: December 2017

Dog/bitch: Dog

H/L PP:  Powder Puff

Colour: Cream

Good with: dogs: ok cats: ok kids: older dog savvy

How long can the dog be left for:  short periods

Any known medical/health issues: Ollie is totally blind having had his eyes removed. He has a grade 2 heart murmur although it doesn’t affect his energy levels. Ollie has harmless fatty lumps on his chest, left side. Vet checked.


A little bit about the dog:


Ollie is a lovely dog and doesn’t let his loss of vision hinder him. He enjoys his walks and likes to play.



The committee has taken the decision to keep Ollie as a permanent foster dog. 



Name: Bob
Date of birth/age: 3 yrs old
Date dog came in to rescue: July 2015 
Dog/bitch: Dog
H/L PP: Hairless 
Colour: Maghogany/cream
Good with: dogs: ok in the home but reactive on walks cats: ok kids: no
How long can the dog be left for: short periods
Any known medical/health issues: Bob has mild allergies, managed with diet and shampoo.
A little bit about the dog: 
Bob is a loving and friendly boy once he gets to know you. He needs time to adjust when new people come into the house and be allowed to greet them in his own time as he finds it very stressful and barks. He will require some extra training with “out of house” activities.


Bobs behavioural problems have resurfaced and the committee has decided to put him in a permanent foster home where this can be monitored and managed.

Name: Frank
Date of birth/age: 12yrs old
Date dog came in to rescue: October 2016
Dog/Bitch: Dog
H/L or PP: Hairless
Colour: Black 
Good with: dogs: can be snappy with lively dogs Cats: unknown kids: good
How long can the dog be left for: short periods
Any known medical or health issues: No
A little bit about the dog: 
Frank is a lovely dog who loves to cuddle. He's very friendly and loves to play with stuffed toys. He loves his walks.


Since Frank has been in Rescue for almost 2 years and  is coming up to 14 years old, we have decided to keep him in permanent foster care based solely on his age. His health is good but seen as he is now an old boy, he can enjoy his days being cared for by his foster mum under our umbrella.

Zuki is 13 yrs old and has epilepsy. Due to his age and health, Zuki will remain in permanent foster under our care.

Name: Zar

Date of birth/age: 8 yrs 
Date dog came in to rescue: July 2013 
Dog/bitch: Dog
H/L PP: Powder puff
Colour: Slate
Good with : dogs: ok with other small dogs cats: yes kids: no 
How long can the dog be left for: short periods
Any known medical/health issues: no
A little bit about the dog: 
Zar has been in Rescue for quite a while now, he has never been socialised and is fearful of strangers. In his time in Rescue Zar has built up a trust within his foster home and is simply adorable. We do however need to find him a permanent foster home. Zar needs a home with no young children, this is based on his history with children, he actually adores my 9 year old. He needs someone experienced that is home most of the time, someone that will continue to work with him after giving him plenty of time to settle in. In a new home, Zar will need to build up that trust again but with time and understanding he is a wonderful little dog.

If you would like to purchase a gift for Zar to help with his care or just send him something nice then his wishlist is here:


Zar is now in a permanent foster home.


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