Flynn's Story

Flynn, a 2 year old Chinese Crested Powder Puff Dog was surrendered to The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue in June 2022.

Following three unsuccessful operations to repair “ectopic cilia” on both eyes, Flynn was referred to an eye specialist.


Flynn presented for ophthalmic examination with a history of having undergone upper eyelid surgery in his right eye on one occasion and in his left eye on two occasions for “ectopic cilia”, but still having complications. Ophthalmic examination revealed the following significant findings:

Flynn has upper eyelid trichiasis in both eyes, which is much more severe in the left eye, associated with areas of absent normal eyelid margin. Trichiasis is used to describe hairs in a normal location that are contacting the cornea. In Flynn’s case, the trichiasis hairs are his normal upper eyelid hairs. Treatment of Flynn’s upper eyelid trichiasis requires eyelid reconstruction to create a normal eyelid margin and prevent his eyelid hairs being directed onto the cornea. This will be relatively simple in the right eye as it just requires the eyelid defect to be resected and accurately repaired. The left eye will be much more challenging as, whilst up to a third (1/3) of the eyelid can be resected without the need for reconstructive surgery, Flynn’s upper eyelid has already been shortened and it does look like he may need reconstruction of the eyelid margin.

The cost of the repair is approximately $3000, This is in addition to the cost of the 3 operations prior to seeing the eye specialist.

We understand that this surgery is expensive but given Flynn’s age and the success rate of the surgery, the Charity feel it is worth repairing the eyes and is appealing to the public to help towards the cost of the surgery. Any donation, however small will help, if you are able to gift aid your donation then the Charity can claim an extra 25 pence for every pound that is donated. All we need is a completed gift aid form if you are a UK taxpayer.

The Charity would like to thank you in advance for your support and will keep you updated on Flynn’s progress.

Please follow this link to donate Flynn's Fundraiser

Loki's Story
Here at CCCGB Rescue we believe every dog should have the chance at a happy life.
At only 10 months old Loki was diagnosed with a condition called diabetes insipidus (DI). (This is different to sugar diabetes (diabetes mellitis).
In Diabetes insipidus there is a lack of a hormone called antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in the body that is needed for the kidneys to produce concentrated urine. Without this hormone the urine is very dilute, the dog urinates lots and has to drink lots as a result. If left without water the dog could rapidly dehydrate and die.
Loki is on tablets 3 times a day to replace the missing hormone. He will need lifelong treatment for this condition.
We suspect in Loki's case that he was born with this condition as he presented with symptoms as a young pup. .”
Loki’s medication alone is just under £100 per month, he will also need regular vet checks to monitor his condition making Loki extremely difficult to rehome. The Rescue has found a way for Loki to have his own forever home by agreeing to pay for his medication but we need your help to do this.
If you would like to help Loki there are lots of ways to do this. You can sponsor Loki by setting up a monthly standing order, you can contribute by clicking on the donate button or you could organise a Birthday Fundraiser on your own Facebook page, simply set it up to donate to "The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain Rescue" and don't forget to let us know so we can share. Whichever way you donate, please let us know you are donating to Loki's fund and if you are able to gift aid your donation then please email us at We will run regular fundraisers to cover the costs of Loki’s diabetes care on his Facebook Page

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All rescue dogs with their microchips currently registered to the Rescue will need to be amended to add the new owners details. We can do this for you. If you have a dog from us just e mail with the dogs name, chip number, full postal address and telephone number and we will add your details. This will be very time consuming so please make sure all your details are accurate when sending them to us. Thank you. To make sure that the right dog matches the chip, please take your dog to get it scanned and send us the number, we have had numerous dogs come in with the same name and we don't want any errors.

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