Skye was an old girl with health issues. She enjoyed 2 years in permanent foster before crossing the Rainbow Bridge peacefully at home.

Run Free Skye

Zara  developed Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Unfortunately she did not respond to treatment and despite all our efforts, we had to let her go. Her foster home is devastated by her loss.

Run Free Zara xxx



Unfortunately Freddie had so many health issues that we were unable to keep him pain free.  Despite all our efforts to make his life comfortable we were forced to let him go.

Run Free sweet boy xxx

Kitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge today it was a total pleasure to have a senior rescue to the end she was 17 years old with a grade 4 heart murmur her fits had got so bad it was heart breaking. I loved that little dog to bits she was a Princess to the end xx

Name: Arten

It is with heavy heart that I share this very sad news; Arten's time was closer than we expected and his foster family held him in their arms as they said goodbye. Thank you to his foster family for the love, compassion and respect you gave this wise old boy. Run Free Arten xxx

Name:  Ollie

Message from Ollie's fosterer:


It’s with a sad heart that I’m letting everyone know, on Monday 1st of August, Ollie passed away in my arms after suffering a heart attack. Ollie came from a much-loved home and had been cherished by his owner. He was left to the care of the charity when his owner sadly died. Ollie had lost both eyes due to Glaucoma and had a slight heart murmur. As I already had two blind dogs (one also with no eyes) I was asked to care for him following the sad passing of his permanent foster during lockdown. We all miss him terribly; it was a pleasure to have known him and loved him.


Franco, aged 12 years old.

Franco was doing so well settling into his foster home. Sadly he became extremely unwell and his condition deteriorated rapidly. After discussing all options with the vet, we had to make the hard decision to let him go.

Run Free little one x

From Grace's forever home:

Grace joined our home and her
new sister Freida (HL CC) and made herself at home straight away. Although I was pre-warned that she was an escapologist I never had this problem, which I saw as a sign of contentment. If the words 'She’s a lovely dog' could ever have a picture, then I would use her (biased I know).
She got on with all other dogs on her walks and was quickly able to identify which owner carried treats. She loved lazing in the sun and especially enjoyed her Saturday treat of scrambled eggs and tuna followed by a back scratch roll on the carpet. She really enjoyed nap nap time and took up a large part of the super king size bed.

Grace passed away sadly on Bank Holiday Monday (18-04-22) in our arms after a short illness with liver disease. She left a massive paw print on my heart and I will never forget her, just wish she could of been with us longer.

Sleep easy my beautiful girl, Daddy loves you.

Name: Zuki
Date of birth/age: 18yrs old
Date dog came in to rescue: October 2015
Dog/Bitch: Dog
H/L or PP: Hairless
Colour: Black 


Frank was 12 years old when he came to us in 2016. He was a lovely old boy who loved to cuddle. He was happy, friendly, loved to play with stuffed toys and he enjoyed his walks.

After 2 years of not finding the right home, and as he was coming up to 14 years old, we decided to keep him in permanent foster care so he could enjoy his days being cared for by his foster mum under our umbrella.

Sadly Frank passed away earlier this year and his foster Mum was devastated. Our thoughts and thanks go out to his foster Mum. Frank was 17 years old, a wonderful age for a Crested. I guess it was just “his time”. Run free old boy xxx 

Message from Scruffy's Foster:

Goodbye our handsome boy, you kept us smiling through the toughest of times and wedged a place in our hearts that is a permanent fixture and you've taken a piece of both our hearts with you and they'll always be with you , never alone and in no pain either.


Love you now and forever always, Mam and Dad xxx


 Message from Brambles foster:

I’m devastated to let everyone know that Bramble has passed away. As well as being mostly blind and deaf, she suffered from seizures which suddenly became worse and led to her health deteriorating. I had no idea when I took Bramble in as a permanent foster dog that she would make such an impact on my family and become my little best friend. She was brave and feisty, nothing stopped her from adventuring and she very quickly mapped out her surroundings and became firm friends with my blind Powder Puff. She slept curled up in my arms every night and it’s ridiculous how much I’m missing her terrible snoring and bad breath, I’m also missing how she would find me (usually when I was stood at my sink or sat having a cuppa) and she would stand her two front feet on top of my feet and bark at me waiting to be picked up so she could be carried round with me while I did my housework. Most of all I miss being cuddled by her. I feel so privileged to have been a part of this wonderful little dog’s life. Sleep well my sweet girl x

Message from Merlin's Foster:

We are very sad to say goodbye to Merlin, our thoughts are with his Foster mum: I'm so very sorry to be writing this post, our little Merlin who has been in foster with us for 3 years, had never been a very well boy, but had deteriorated hugely in the last few weeks, and the decision was made to end his suffering, he cuddled his mum and slipped away peacefully 💔

'If love could have kept you alive, you would have lived forever'
Run free little Lin

Name: Poppy

Date of birth/age ( if known): approx 8 years old
Date dog came in to rescue 23/05/13. 
Dog/bitch: bitch
H/L PP: Powder Puff
Colour: Cream
Good with : people and children.
How long can the dog be left for: a couple of hours
Any known medical/health issues: Addisons disease, a manageable condition, requires 2 tablets daily and quarterly blood tests. Also has a little arthritis and pancreatitis
A little bit about the dog:She is a happy girl just likes a lap to cuddle on. The rescue will monitor her condition and pay the cost of her treatment. Just some of her meds are approx £30 per month and she needs regular blood tests to monitor her condition.


Sadly Poppy's health problems meant that she could no longer sustain a decent quality of life and she had to be let go. She was much loved by her foster family and will always hold a place in my heart. We can only be thankful that the Rescue was able to find her such a loving foster home and they managed to give Poppy 6 very happy years.



Name: George


Sadly passed away following a routine neutering operation 

Run free sweet boy 

Message from Honey’s Foster:

Today we had to say goodbye to Honey. Honey had suddenly become poorly a few weeks ago and deteriorated rapidly and unfortunately, although we would of done anything we could to save her, her prognosis was not good and the decision was made to end her suffering, she cuddled her mum and slipped away peacefully with her family around her 
Run free Honey
Until we meet again XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX


Honey came into Rescue as her owner had to work full time and could no longer care for her. Honey was 9 years old and blind from a dog attack a few years earlier. This did not stop her from enjoying life one little bit. She had numerous lumps on her tummy, following a vet check; she was diagnosed with mammary cancer. This turned out to be more advanced than we had realised and we could no longer manage her pain. Honey was such a sweet dog; she solely just wanted to please. She loved her walks and even more loved to cuddle up next to her foster Mum. She loved everyone and everything. Thank you to her foster family for giving her the love and care she deserved. 

Run free sweet girl xxx

Message from Coco's Foster:

Coco came to me as a permanent foster as her problems were similar to my rescue girl. Both didn't hear or see much. But Coco changed my girl's life. She came in like a tiny whirlwind and within days they were playing together, sleeping together and zooming around the house. Coco stole both of our hearts and I hoped she would be with me for a long time. Unfortunately a stroke took the use of her back legs and we had to let her go. Just a month with us but a wonderful month and we will miss her forever. 

Run Free little one x

Message from Bugsy’s foster:

We would have loved Bugsy to have more time and can only be thankful to have rescued him in time to share some home comforts and lots of love. He will always have a place in our hearts


Run free sweet boy x

Message from Zar's Foster:

It breaks my heart to inform you that after 6 years in permanent foster, we had to say goodbye to Zar. He had become a huge part of our family and although his temperament never improved much outside of the home, he was a loving, playful, sweet dog with us (unless you wanted to groom him).

He had injured himself several times jumping up and landing incorrectly, screaming in pain and refusing to let us help him. It was so traumatic for us and for him just getting him to the vet. He had to be sedated to be examined but the prognosis wasn’t good and his chances of recovery were poor. We made the heart-breaking decision to let him go.

Since he was our foster dog it is especially difficult for me to write this. We all miss him terribly. He has left a huge gap in our hearts. Run Free Zar x

Name:  Bibi

Date of birth/age: 12 yrs old

Date dog came in to rescue: February 2018

UPDATE: Although Bibi was on our “available” page, we all knew that unless a permanent foster came up then she was never going to find a new home. However, she was adored by her Foster family who loved her dearly. After numerous health issues and consulting with her vet, the extremely difficult decision was made to let her go. Our thoughts are with her Foster family in this very difficult time. Run Free sweet girl x


Poppy, 11 years old. began having problems with her back legs and she was diagnosed spondylosis after investigations from her veterinary surgeon. Her condition is quite severe. Poppy will remain in permanent foster care for as long as she is comfortable and pain free.

UPDATE: It is with heavy heart that I am writing this. Poppy was a wonderful little girl and so full of character. Poppy lost the use of her back legs with no prior warning. After examination and x rays diagnosed her with spondylosis, Poppy was given pain relief and cage rest and although happy in herself she wasn’t improving. We were lucky enough to have a specialist examine her but unfortunately the prognosis wasn’t good. The specialist saw no likelihood of her improving and her quality of life was poor. We made the decision to let her go, our thoughts are with her foster carer. The rescue volunteers that met her are also devastated by her loss. Run free little one x


11 yrs old


Frankie came into Rescue in August 2017. His previous owners had struggled to keep weight on him and he was very thin. Due to serious health issues they were unable to cope with Frankie’s special needs and made the heartbreaking decision to place him in our care.


Frankie gained a little weight while in Rescue and became a little more active. He enjoyed short walks and camping holidays as part of a loving family.


He was treated for reflux and arthritis as well as receiving other supplements to keep him comfortable but even when his appetite increased he still didn’t gain very much weight and remained in foster care, closely monitored. Frankie was also suspected to be suffering with mild dementia. Frankie was by no means and easy foster dog and demanded a great deal of care and attention which his foster home gave to him along with unconditional love. After 14 months in foster care, Frankie gave up his fight and his foster family said their goodbyes last week. We will miss him terribly and he has left a paw print on the hearts of everyone that met him. Run free Frankie, you will be deeply missed by us all xxx

Name:  Prince

Date of birth/age: 12 yrs old

Date dog came in to rescue: February 2018

Dog/bitch: Dog

H/L PP:  Powder Puff

Colour: White

Good with: dogs: ok cats: no kids: older dog savvy

How long can the dog be left for:  short periods

Any known medical/health issues: No


A little bit about the dog:

Prince has a lovely temperament. He settles well, likes affection. He would be suited to a quiet household.


It is with great sadness that I write this, Prince became extremely unwell last week. He deteriorated quite quickly and despite efforts from the foster home and the vet, we were unable to keep him comfortable. He did not respond to treatment and sadly we had to let him go. Run free old boy x

Fu has  been vet checked and we have his medical history. He has a grade 4/5 heart murmur and mild seizures. He is a happy playful chap and his condition doesn’t stop him from running about playing. At this time he doesn’t need any medication but given his health issues Fu has been placed in permanent foster



Fu has enjoyed life to the full in his permanent foster home. He loved his holidays and his trips to the beach. His foster family gave him the best possible life he could have but sadly his heart gave up and he passed peacefully in his sleep at home. Run free little one xxx




Chiffon is 12 years old, she came in because unfortunately her owner passed away. Due to her ongoing health problems she will remain as a lifetime foster in the safe hands of a rescue volunteer for the rest of her natural life.
If you would like to purchase a gift for Chiffon to help with her care or just send her something nice then her wishlist is here


Chiffon passed away at the ripe old age of 18 years.

Name: Ozzie
Date of birth/age: 6 yrs old
Date dog came in to rescue: October 2015 
Dog/bitch: Dog
H/L PP: Hairless
Colour: Mahogony


Sadly we had to say goodbye to Ozzie. He had a massive seizure and unfortunately did not recover from it. We would like to thank everyone involved in his care while he was in Rescue.Run free little one


This little girl came into rescue in October 2011. At 5 years old she had already had at least 6 homes, making this her 7th stop! It took a long time for her to build up a trust and she had many issues. Her issues were easily resolved while her foster Mum was present but her behaviour changed when foster Mum wasn’t there. Her unpredictable behaviour made her unsuitable for rehoming and she remained in permanent foster care. Charlie lived as part of her foster family for 6 years and was loved by the whole family. She enjoyed going camping and lived a happy life. Sadly in October 2017, Charlie was rushed to the vet and diagnosed with pneumonia. She was hospitalised and put on intravenous medication and a full recovery was expected. Unfortunately, Charlie did not respond to treatment and her condition deteriorated rapidly and her foster mum had to say a heartbreaking goodbye.


If you would like to purchase a gift for one of her foster friends or an item for us to auction then please visit our wishlist: 




Name: Marge

Date of birth/age: 14 yrs old

Date dog came in to rescue: Jan 2017

Dog/bitch: Bitch

H/L PP: Hairless

Colour: Black / white

Good with: dogs: ok cats: ok kids: older dog savvy children

How long can the dog be left for:  short periods

Any known medical/health issues: 

Marge's trip to the vets did not go as we had hoped. Marge has a large abdominal mass as well as the mammary mass. If we open her up to see how far it has spread then it is likely that it is not operable and we will need to let her go under the anaesthetic. Since Marge is not in any pain at this time we have taken the decision to keep her in foster and keep her happy and comfortable. She has medication which we hope will be of some help to her but ultimately we hope that she will get some love and happiness before she has to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We have a very loving and brave foster mummy to care for her until that time comes.

The abdominal mass had grown quite quickly and it was time to let her go. RIP Marge.

Name: Jack
Date of birth/age: 5 yrs 
Date dog came in to rescue: 08/5/ 14 
Dog/bitch: Dog
H/L PP: Hairless (hairy)
Colour: White
Good with : dogs: ok with other small dogs cats: yes kids: older children
How long can the dog be left for: a few hours

Any known medical/health issues: Jack is fit and healthy and adoptable. He has had 2 minor dog strokes that affected his eye, However, he is gaining the ability to blink again and should make a full recovery in time. He has also had an ulcer on the eye which has been treated, it has left a scar but this should fade. He has the starting of a cataract on the other eye. He has good vision and these little problems do not affect him at all.


Little bit about the dog: Jack has come on in leaps and bounds since coming into the Rescue. He has passed his basic dog training and is now a confident loving people friendly dog. He is strong willed so will need an owner who reminds him about his manners. Jack loves going out on walks, he's happy to travel on public transport or by car. Jack is looking for an active home to channel his energy. If you are looking for a loving dog, you can't go wrong with Jack.

Sadly Jack passed away in July 2017 after he collapsed. Tests showed a massive tumour on his liver.

Name:  Magic

Date of birth/age: 14 yrs

Date dog came in to rescue: Jan 2017

Dog/bitch: Dog

H/L PP:  Powder Puff

Colour: Grey/white

Good with: dogs: ok cats: ok kids: ok

How long can the dog be left for:  short periods

Any known medical/health issues: Magic has a grade 5/6 heart murmur and eye problems but is not well enough to have surgery.



A little bit about the dog: Magic is a sweet old boy but has several health problems. He is not well enough to undergo surgery and is on pain management. He will remain in foster under our care for as long as we can manage his pain so that he can enjoy the time he has left.

Unfortunately we were not able to manage Magic's pain and after consulting with the vet, we decided to let him go so he wouldn't not suffer.

Name: Pud

Date of birth/age: 12 yrs old

Date dog came in to rescue: Aug 2016

Dog/bitch: Dog

H/L PP: Powder puff

Colour: White

Good with: dogs: ok cats: ok kids: older dog savvy children

How long can the dog be left for:  short periods

Any known medical/health issues: No known issues



A little bit about the dog: Sadly Puds owner has passed away. Due to his health problems he is now in need of a permanent foster home. Pud can be very timid until he gets to know you He has a grade 4/5 heart murmur and renal problems. He needs a quiet home with no young children. Due to his renal problems, Pud has accidents with his toileting.Pud is now in a permanent foster

Pud's heart finally gave in and Pud is now at rest.

This is Schmendrick. He is approx 4 yrs old. When he came into Rescue he skipped occasionally on his front leg and this has been monitored while he has been in our care. Schmendrick became lame on that leg on a walk and was taken to the vet to have it checked. The vet thinks that there is no nerve supply to the muscle and this may have deteriorated over a long period of time even though he had previously been bouncing around he had been compensating with the other leg. Schmendrick is on medication and we will monitor him over the next 3-4 weeks to see if there is any improvement but Schmendrick may lose his leg. 
Unfortunately Schmendrick's leg is not responding to treatment and the vet thinks the best outcome would be to amputate the leg. Schmendrick can not use the leg at all. The operation will be around £650.
As Schmendrick is a Rescue dog, we do not have any insurance to cover his vet fees and his treatment can be very expensive. The specialist consultation fee is approx £200. If you can help towards the cost of Schmendricks vet fees please text donate or you can donate via paypal.
It is with great sadness that we inform everyone that Schmendrick had a setback in his recovery and he lost the use of his other front leg. We now know that Schmendrick had a neurological problem and this has sadly spread. It was only a matter of time before he would have succumbed to it all over his body. We have had to make the sad decision to let him go. We want to thank his foster mum who's worked tirelessly to help Schmendrick in caring for him; she did everything in her power to love and care for him while he has been in the rescue. Schmendrick was full of character and we are all deeply saddened to lose him.



Holly became critically ill following a routine spay. She was rushed to the emergency vets placed on IV fluids, pain killers, antibiotics, anti - sickness and antacid medication. Holly was given everything possible but sadly she didn’t make it. The vet suspected that she had an underlying problem and being spayed had triggered the final reaction that no one could foresee. R.I.P Sweet girl xxx


Date of birth/age: 16 yrs 
Date dog came in to rescue: January 2016 
Dog/bitch: bitch
H/L PP: Hairless
Colour: Slate
Good with : dogs: ok  cats: yes kids: no 
How long can the dog be left for: short periods
Any known medical/health issues: Partially sighted
A little bit about the dog: 
Madge is a happy girl, likes to potter around. he will live out her days under our care in a loving foster home

Sadly Madge passed away in July 2016 at the ripe old age of 17


Age: 13 yrs old

Sadly Chilli collapsed and after spending a night in the emergency vets with no improvement, his foster mum said goodbye to him the next morning. RIP little one xxx


We are very sad that Sweet Pea was in such poor health that the kindest thing we could do for her was to let her go. She was in constant pain with her joints which had a massive effect on her mobility, her teeth were also causing her problems but she was not fit enough to undergo anaesthetic and she also had respiratory problems. The pain relief the vet had given her was not sufficient to give her any quality of life. This is never an easy decision but sadly one that must be made. R.I.P little one xxx





Tallulah is a 9-12 year old true hairless bitch, Due to her declining health and unpredictable temperament. Tallulah will remain as a Lifetime Foster Dog in a loving foster home where she extremely happy, under the care of the rescue for the rest of her natural life.
Sadly on 21st September 2015 after several seizures and the loss of her back legs Tallulah’s foster mum said goodbye to her. Tallulah was one of our lifetime foster dogs and had been with her foster mum for several years..RIP little one xxx

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