Registered Charity No 1156641

In September 2006, it was agreed that The Chinese Crested Club of Great Britain should have its own Rescue. A subcommittee was set up to define aims and objectives. The Rescue fund will be kept separate from the Clubs funds but will run alongside the Club. In October 2013, The Club applied for Charitable status. They appointed 4 trustees and requested the charity keep the original name. This information was added to The Club web site stating that the Trust deed was available to all members on request. No objections were raised and in April 2014 we were awarded charitable status and now run independently.


Coordinators Role
We have appointed several area coordinators who are responsible for all enquiries. The coordinators details can be found under the contact us tab on this website.

Initial enquiries will be dealt with on an individual basis. It will be explained to all enquirers how we operate. A surrender form can be filled in on the web site to help us place the dog in a suitable foster home. A donation towards the running costs is welcomed. We have a small number of foster homes, so it may not be possible for us to collect the dog immediately, we may ask that they remain in their current home while they wait for an available foster home.

A member of our dedicated volunteers will visit all homes offered. This is to ensure that we can match the dog and the home correctly. We ask for a sensible donation from the new home towards costs. All dogs are neutered unless medical reasons prevent this.

There is no contact between the old home and new owners except by using the coordinator as an intermediary. A good reason for this is that we have had instances of the old owners wanting their dog back after it is happily settled in its new home.

If the dog will not settle within its new home, the dog must be returned to the rescue and we will find another home.



Donations are always welcome. Please contact an area coordinator for information on how to donate. If you require any more information please contact us on Tel: 07858 821 957 or email cccgbrescue@gmail.com


Registered Charity No 1156641



We are a small rescue and rely solely on the generosity of the public, so please support us!
Or alternatively you can support us with your time, we are always in need of passionate foster homes, people who can help with transport and more. See our want to help page for further information.

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