FUN DAY 2021



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Cutest Puppy:

1st She'ra & BPIS

2nd Pixie

3rd Reggie
4th Shadow
5th Cash


Prettiest Bitch:

1st Mish

2nd Storm

3rd Lulu

4th Mia

5th Dusty


Most Handsome Dog: 

1st Joseph

2nd Archie

3rd Ted

4th Tie

5th Jira


Best Oldie:

1st Maggie

2nd Sasha

3rd Mae

4th Charlie

5th Rose


Waggiest Tail:

1st Ted

2nd Ebby

3rd Mia

4th Trixie

5th Louie


Best Rescue:

1st Mika

2nd Tie

3rd Maisy

4th Priya

5th Cash


Dog the Judge would like to take home:

1st Ted

2nd Mia

3rd Dusty

4th Beau

5th Tyreese


Odd Couple:

1st Rayly

2nd Vicky

3rd Dobby

4th Cash & Maggie
5th Pixie & Beau


Fancy Dress:

1st Maggie

2nd Mika

3rd Archie

4th Trixie

5th Louis


Under Knee Height:

1st Mish

2nd Ruby

3rd Vinnie

4th Shadow

5th Archie


Handled by a child:

1st Marnie

2nd Ruby

3rd Sasha

4th Mika

5th Milo
6th Pebbles


Best in Show - 

Best Puppy in Show - 


Best dog not won a rosette in any class:


Sausage Race: 

1st Star

2nd Maisy

3rd Louis
4th Lily


1st Zara

2nd Priya

3rd Ellie
4th Vinnie


1st Beau

2nd Tommy

3rd Bonnie
4th Simon



1st Star

2nd Zara

3rd Beau

4th Mary


Egg & Spoon Race:

1st Pebbles

2nd Lily

3rd Marnie
4th Beau 


1st Mika

2nd Pixie
3rd Louis
4th Star


1st Priya

2nd Vinnie
3rd Ellie
4th Zara


1st Pebbles

2nd Priya

3rd Mika


Musical Chairs:







Temptation Alley 

1st Misty          1.2 seconds

2nd Pebbles     2.5 seconds 

3rd Rose          2.6 seconds
4th Mary           3.0 seconds


Fastest Recall:





Slowest Fastest recall: Milo 20 seconds


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Online Entries Open 1st June 2022  

Online Entries Close 14th July 2022

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