Rufus's Story

Rufus is a Chinese Crested Rescue Dog. He came into Rescue in July 2012 . He had severe temperament issues and was a very frightened little boy. His coat was matted so badly that it had to be completely clipped off. He had very little training and socialisation. . The matted coat gave the appearance of a tubby little dog but once clipped he was very underweight. He weighed in at 5.6 kilo before he was clipped. Rufus is now a healthy 6.5 kilo. It soon became clear that Rufus couldn't see clearly and after a trip to the vets we learned that he had cataracts on both eyes. Rufus is a loving little boy who is very afraid of people. His poor vision is the main cause of this fear. We would love to be able to give Rufus back his sight. He has been assessed by specialists at AHT and his condition is operable. Rufus needs to be 2 years old to have the first of 2 operations and will be going back to AHT in March 2013. In the meantime Rufus is in a foster home with one of our specialist trainers who is working closely with him to teach him some basic obedience and socialisation skills. Rufus is eager to learn and improving every day. We need to raise approximately £3750.00 for both operations. Our aim is to raise £1875.00 by March 2013 and the rest by March 2014. We have set up a fund especially for Rufus so as not to interfere with the fundraising we already do for the many other dogs we have coming in. The operation to remove the cataracts will give Rufus the quality of life that he needs. If the money raised exceeds the amount we need then it will go into the funds for other needy dogs. Please use the donate button above if you would like to help Rufus, remember to tick donation when making payment and tell us that this is for Rufus.




We have received some wonderful news. The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has taken an interest in Rufus and have discussed his treatment with AHT. As a result of these discussions AHT have agreed not to charge the Rescue for Rufus's second eye operation. Rufus has already raised a lot of awareness for Rescue and for AHT and the fantastic work they do. AHT would like to follow his progress and arrang e for Rufus to do a few more photo shoots for them. The publicity that Rufus has raised will benefit AHT, The Kennel Club Charitable Trust and the Rescue. As stated at the beginning of the campaign to give Rufus back his sight, all funds raised that exceed the costs will be put back into the fund for other needy dogs. With the increased number of dogs coming into Rescue, most of them needing expensive veterinary treatment, this will be a huge help to Rufus's fellow rescues. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the team at AHT,The Kennel Club Charitable Trust and of course all of you for your hard work in raising the funds. Rufus is now a fully sighted dog and you can continue to follow his progress on his facebook page.

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